Design your own blankets at Oncreeks

It must be the most amazing feeling of wrapping yourself in a customized blanket and chilling on the couch after a hard day at work. And the bestfriend that comforts you, it probably is your one and only favorite blanket.

A personalized blanket is not only your comfort zone but it is also a precious gift. You can tell your own story into a blanket and give it as a special gift for your loved ones. With help from us, Oncreek, we believe that you can spread your ideas intactly through a cute small blanket. No more cliche cards, no more ugly blankets on the sofa couch, at, you can finally customize your own item as a true fashion designer.

At Onreek, your blanket will be: 

  • creative
  • the one and only item
  • meaningful
  • handmade

Now, get yourself a handy blanket as an amazing gift for your friends and family.

Steps to design your own blankets at Onereek: 

There is no such thing as easier than creating your own blanket at our website. It only takes you a few minutes and one or two clicks to draw your interesting story for us to make you the most perfect gift ever!

Step 1: 

Choose your favorite design from our ideas store. Don’t worry about not finding a good one, our ideas of personalized blankets are various. We have tons of graphics, pictures and illustrations for you to choose. No matter who you want to give, from mothers, best friends to lovers, we all have a designated custom for you to pick out one.

Step 2: 

Choose a size for your blanket.

Step 3: 

Give us just a few seconds to customize your wonderful gift. We promise that we will not let you down

Step 4: 

Click into the “Preview” button to see the preview of the blanket. Please make sure our design turns into the way you have imagined it.

Step 5: 

If you like it, please click the “add to cart” and finish your purchase. The blanket will be shipped with you as soon as we have completed it.

A personalized blanket – a great way to impress your loved ones in every important event. 

We believe that, with such a cute and adorable blanket like this, your friends or family will be fully surprised. Just with a little bit of decorated wrapping, It would be the most meaningful gift they have ever had. Make this year more memorable with your personalized blanket at

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