Galentine’s Day Gifts 2022: 10+ Ideas for This “Ladies-always-first” Day

Discover Galentines day gifts for the best companions

Meta: Every couple has their own love story. Let’s create your own story with Galentines day gifts, it will definitely be an unforgettable mark in your life.

Galentine is a day for people to show their love and sincere feelings for the friend who has always been by their side. And surely on this day, many of you will be very confused because you do not know what gift to choose to impress and help your close friends become the happiest. This list of Galentines day gifts ideas will help anyone find the perfect gift for this special day.

What is the Galentines discovery day?

Galentine’s Day is a celebration of female friendship inspired by an episode of the “Parks and Recreation” series. Lead actress Leslie Knope held a party to gather close friends on February 13.

Since then, the concept of Galentine Day has gradually become more popular and highlighted the message of feminism in America. To then be seen as a strong “counter” to Valentine’s Day that traditional romantic love is not the only thing that deserves to be celebrated.

Galentine’s Day has played an important role in dispelling the stereotype of only worshiping traditional romantic love and the narrow definition of love, liberating the spirit and heart of single girls and gradually becoming a holiday celebrated widely recognized.

Many fashion stores also offer special Galentine Day promotions. Richmond’s Arley Cakes has been selling heart-shaped cookies with “Thank U, Next” and “Treat Yo Self” messages for Galentine since two years ago, and sales to this day have doubled. couple of Valentine’s Day.

The flower delivery service also bloomed on Galentine’s day according to the CEO of Farmgirl Flowers. According to preliminary statistics, up to 75% of their customers are women who buy flowers for their female friends.

Unique ideas for Galentines day gifts

Gifts of “FRIENDS” Cups

Valentine’s Day for women is coming, everyone will have a hard time finding gifts. If you have a lot of money, you can give gifts at luxurious parties. However, if you don’t have much money, you can choose “FRIENDS” cups. This is the perfect personalized gift loved by so many.

Each cup has its own personal imprint. It is not only a spiritual gift but also a practical gift in life. Cups are essential items used everyday. When giving this gift, the recipient will engrave your sincere feelings. Every time she drinks water, she will silently thank you for this cup.

        Meaningful friendship cups for the recipient

Personalized Fleece Blanket “You’re Mine – You’ll Always Be Mine”

Struggling to find the best gifts for Galentine’s day? Don’t know with a small amount of money, what gift is the most suitable for someone who has been with you for a long time? Personalized fleece blankets for close friends will be an invaluable choice. same great with.

This gift is characterized by being soft and extremely comfortable to the touch. Personalized images combined with sentimental quotes printed on the blanket will make the friendship stronger. They can imagine that two people are lying under a warm blanket. Thus, the love will never be lost no matter what obstacles.

Teddy bear

The stuffed bear is a traditional gift in the style of “as old as the Earth” but is liked by most girls. If your best friend is a lovely, feminine person, this is an excellent friendship gift. The teddy bears will be like a friend to share all the happiness and sadness with her when you are not around, will help her sleep better, will support her when she is sad, looking cute and easy. It’s loving that smile.

            Cute funny teddy bears

Picture frame

A beautiful personalized photo frame, outstanding design, beautiful and cute, and in the photo frame is a photo taken together that captures certain moments of both of them or a lovely photo of both. A sunny smile, a teary face, a moment of drowning… All of these can be printed, framed and become an interesting friendship souvenir.


Although not a new gift, the notebook is always on the list of the most loved gadgets. Beautiful notebooks will also be a great idea for you to give to the friends who have accompanied you during your time in school.

A long road together is temporarily closed, notebooks are not a new gift, but notebooks are always on the list of most loved items. Lovely notebooks will also be a good suggestion for you to give to your friends who have accompanied you during your time in school.

Pillows with the words “To the people beside me – Thank you for the laughter…”

Galentines is the best time to celebrate your friendship. Then if you are looking for a great gift to celebrate your Galentine Day friendship. It is like a meaningful message as a “thank you” to send to them. When looking at this image you won’t want to miss the personalized throw pillow with many unique meanings.

Personal imprints will make the gift even more meaningful. It is the printing on the pillow with pictures of friends and touching sayings. This will make people appreciate the relationship, and people will appreciate the affection and feel grateful for it.

            Personalized pillow for long sweet nights

Galentine’s Day Socks

Galentine’s Day is an opportunity to express your feelings to sincere friends. Choosing a meaningful gift will be extremely necessary. Your friends will feel that they are extremely lucky to have a sincere friend like you. She receives soft socks that will be extremely happy. This relationship will certainly be preserved for a long time.

Friendship is an indispensable thing in life, everyone will have a group of friends and there will be close friends. Galentines day gifts will be a meaningful thing for this relationship to become closer and better. There are many gifts for this special day, but use your whole heart to find the most suitable gift. Hope that the sharing in the above article will be useful for your choice.

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